At Peninsula Leisure, we are committed to providing quality sports, recreation and leisure products and services. We do this with a focus on community engagement and innovation alongside a reputation for delivering exceptional service. This is all driven through the talent of our people, who are at the heart of our business.

Our goal is to become an industry leader offering enhanced customer experiences by engaging and activating the communities in which we operate.

Our asset management portfolio currently includes the Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) and The Pines Forest Aquatic Centre (Pines). We manage both these sport and leisure facilities on behalf of Frankston City Council.

The company is governed by an independent board. Find out more about the team here.


To improve lives by inspiring activity and connection


To create YOUR PLACE to be active, happy and connected


This by living our values of We think people | We re-imagine | We deliver


We aim to give back to the community by educating and transforming the way people think about health and fitness. We develop programs that cater to the needs of all sectors of the community.


We define ‘best practice’ as disrupting the norms not to agitate but rather to innovate. We partner with industry specialists to be able to continually push the boundaries to lead ‘next practice’ innovations.


We are committed to identifying, engaging and developing our talent to support a true values-based culture which is driven to succeed. Our internal talent recognition programs identify and reward high achievers for thinking differently.


We aspire to deliver the highest levels of customer experiences ensuring that our products and services are tailored to the evolving needs of the market.

In recognition of this we were recently awarded 2016 Aquatic and Recreation Victoria Awards, for Facility Management of the Year and Personal Trainer of the Year award.

Our approach

We take a consultative approach to business management. We look for growth opportunities, ability to optimise and ways to learn and evolve. For every opportunity presented, we transition the business through a 4-phased approach that is consult-plan-deliver-evolve.

We will consult through transition; we will plan for growth; we will deliver success through measuring and reporting to learn and evolve our business strategy.

Our Strategic Direction

We are here to serve and support our community in being active and connected. In every one of our priorities, our values and core themes act as the foundation.

We succeed

Our performance to date has demonstrated our skills and capability to exceed management targets and position ourselves as an Industry leader. We have successfully built and managed a $50M asset from ground up at the Peninsula Aquatic and Recreation Centre (PARC). This has resulted in over 10,000 active members within the first 2 years of operation and over 2M visitors to the centre.

These successes have not gone unrecognised. Aquatics and Recreation Victoria recently awarded PARC with the 2016 ARV facility of the year award.

This is primarily due to the first class innovative facilities, service and experience offered at PARC. Home to the ‘Australian first’ Python family raft water slide, the award winning AquaPlay aquatic playground, the unique inflatable aquatic obstacle course, the state of the art gym facilities and the highest quality service and amenities.

For more information on PARC please visit parcfrankston.com.au.