Can Swim – Teens – Pre Program Form

Congratulations on being selected to participate in our Can Swim – Teen 5 day swim program, beginning Monday 8th January at PARC and Frankston beach.

As a part of the program, we ask each teen participant to complete the following Pre Program questions separately.

Data collection is a vital part of our program planning to assist and inform us in future programming. Data provided in surveys is invaluable.

Can Swim: Teen- Pre Program Questions

Participant Name(Required)
Participant Date of Birth(Required)
Have you ever had regular weekly swimming lessons?(Required)

Do you regularly use a backyard swimming pool?(Required)
Do you regularly go to one or more of the following:(Required)
Who do you normally go swimming with?(Required)
Do you know how to perform CPR?(Required)

How far can you swim in a pool without getting tired or stopping?(Required)
At the Beach?(Required)
Do you know how to put on a lifejacket?(Required)
Are you comfortable floating on your front and back?(Required)