10 things you can do with your kids at home

It’s endless what you can do and find around your house to keep the kids entertained, but when you’re trapped inside and with everything closed, its time to start being creative. Here are some suggestions from the team at PARC:


1.Exercise: chasing a balloon, flying a kite, building an obstacle course outside, play hallway soccer, scavenger hunt in the back yard.




2.Bake and cook: getting the kids to help to follow a recipe step by step, preparation of vegetables, get them to cook dinner one night or lunch even!




3.Clean and organise: now is the time to do some autumn cleaning, try and make it fun listen to music, have some checklists with rewards!




4.Gather and donate: start gathering your non-essentials and toys that you no longer need and help others that might need it more than you, instilling these values at this time is vital.



5.Read or listen to an audiobook or podcast together: grab your favorite book the bedtime reading is always done at the end of the night, choose a new location like outside under the gum tree or inside the cubby house, these bonding times will be treasured forever.





6.Build a fort: kids love to imagine collect the old sheets, any cardboard boxes lying around, fairy lights and make a fortress for your little princess or prince.




7.Play a board game: get the Monopoly out and don’t put it away see how long you can play for it could last for days! Set up games in different rooms like Jenga on the porch! Jigsaw on the lounge coffee table.




8.Watch a favorite movie together: make use of all the fantastic choices you have on the Disney channel, Netflix or if you still have them round fire up the old DVD player!




9.Put on your favorite song: kids love dancing get those tunes and have a dance-off. Pop online and do some YouTube choreography dance lessons or dress up and do a performance!




10.Do some arts and crafts: painting, playdoh, finding things around the house you can use to create like toothpicks, boxes, paddle pop sticks, felt, wrapping paper.


The is the new normal for now, so embrace the change and think outside the square… you never know you might have too much fun!


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