Active Youth Membership – Bella & Nicole’s Testimonial

Hi Bella and Nicole, 

Nice to meet you both! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us to have a chat about your fitness journey here at PARC.


Bella, I know you have just started here and have been a member for about 2 months. Let’s start by getting to know you a little bit more…So how old are you and what sports/physical activity are you already involved in?

I’ve been a member since May 2018 and am 13 years. Netball and Girls AFL.


Why did you want to join PARC?

To become fitter, faster and stronger for footy and netball. To feel healthy and good about myself.


And what do you enjoy most about the Active Youth membership here at PARC?

Classes particularly RPM and Body Step. Also like having a program especially written for me as it challenges me to work harder. Having trainers on the floor whilst doing my program motivates me to work harder.


Bella: What advice would you give to other teens your age looking to join a gym?

Just do it as you feel better after each workout it’s not as scary as you think. Try and work out with a friend/family member as it is more motivating. Even when you can’t be bothered going try and  remember how good it feels when you are done.


Nic: What advice would you give to parents that may be interested in the program for their children?

Check out all the class options and try and find something you can both do together and enjoy. Let instructors know if you are new as they can help with less intense options in the beginning. Laugh and have fun when you don’t get movements quite right. Exercise is supposed to be fun and you want your child want to come back! Get a PARC start done and then do the program with your child. Not only will your child be getting fitter and stronger but you will too. Ask questions and follow the advice of group exercise instructors and PT’s. They know how to get your child the best results but most importantly how to get your child exercising safely. The best part of all though is the time you get to spend with your child away from their screens. Priceless!


For more information about PARC’s youth memberships click here.

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