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Meet Mark! 

In January of this year, Mark told us that he saw 2023 as an opportunity  to focus on achieving increased physical and mental strength, so he can be healthy role model for his kids. 

Six months on we checked in with Mark to see how he was going on his health journey towards his Future You. Mark has experienced a few setbacks and has undergone surgery over the last few months, with another one scheduled shortly. However, he is still motivated to ensure he reaches his health goals.  

“I have had a challenging year with my health issues . I actually forgot about the letter for the Future You so when I was contacted by PARC I was very excited. Since reading those words the fire inside has been reignited. I am so proud of what I achieved for better health, and I cannot wait to continue my journey post-surgery,” said Mark.  

When we sat down with Mark, we loved hearing how about his health journey and how the community at PARC has been a big support in reaching his goals.  

We asked him a few questions about his experience at PARC and what motivates him to stay on track on his health journey.  

What attracted you to writing a letter to your future you?  
Since joining PARC, I focused on improving my health and fitness. I completed a 12 week challenge and lost around 14kgs and was in the best shape of my life. Feeling healthy and positive I wanted to write to myself to ensure I continue to push myself. 

What did your Future You look like? 
A healthy role model for my kids! 

What does being a PARC member mean to you?  
Community! I have met some amazing people, both in the gym and swim lessons. PARC is a huge part of my family’s lives. My wife and kids are also members and our calendar revolves around my shift work roster and our gym classes and training program.  

I love the positive, supportive and accepting environment PARC offers. The access to quality trainers and flexibility with the classes is a highlight to me.  

 How has attending PARC helped your overall physical and mental wellbeing? 
I found attending PARC and prioritising my health and fitness helped me with my energy levels as well as positivity in life. I have suffered from lower back pain and when I commenced workouts I struggled with pain. I was given some alternative exercises and over time the pain completely disappeared. I am physically and mental stronger and now I’m keeping up with my kids. 

 What have been some benefits or positive changes you have experienced in the last six months? 
Prioritising our health should always be at the top of our list as we only have one shot at this life. This is not something I would have said a year ago or even six months ago. I love that I have been able to change my views on health and that I now plan to either get outdoors or go to the gym for an hour per day rather than make excuses for being a busy parent or tied up with work commitments. I find being in the gym allows me to reflect on my day and I leave it all on the gym floor. 

 Were there any PARC staff members that played a role in supporting and motivating your health journey?  
Jesslyn was who helped me with my goals when I first joined and had regular catchups throughout my journey. Joel and Jules have also helped me with their motivating classes and advice in relation to form and workouts. 

What is something you are proud of achieving since becoming a PARC member?  
I remember when I first joined I was intrigued by the Powerzone classes, so I booked a session after a few weeks of training. When I attended Rangi was running the session. I went so hard and struggled to complete 10 minutes of the 30 minute program. I couldn’t breathe and was experiencing dizziness. A Duty Manager was called to check on me and I was so embarrassed and deflated. Once I could breathe normal again Rangi came over and introduced himself and asked me about my health and fitness experience. After establishing that I hadn’t done and type of physical activity for many years he said “Don’t feel bad, you can do this class, you can do all the exercises, you just need to do it at your own pace”.  

I went home after that thinking I had made a big mistake booking the class but then all I could think about was Rangi saying I can do it. I ended up booking Powerzone again and completed it. I was so proud and very thankful for Rangi who gave me a few minutes of his time and the advice he offered me very early.  

What does the rest of the year look like for you? 
I have surgery and then 6-8 weeks recovery. Once recovered I cannot wait to walk upstairs and get back into weight training. Then I want to swim with my kids. I haven’t been able to swim since January and my son just wants me to go down the slides with him. 

Looking back on your Future You journey, what advice or encouragement would you give to someone who is starting their own health journey?  
Consistency and planning are key to achieving your health goals. It will hurt initially but that pain eventually turns into progress, and it is all worth it in the end. Never give up on yourself and strive for greatness!  

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