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Keeping Momentum throughout your ‘Year of Health’

Group Exercise class

You often hear the word motivation thrown around in relation to health and fitness and it’s a valid word. Motivation means you have an inner desire to do something and that’s important when working towards your goals.  

However, motivation can be fleeting and unreliable, so instead let’s talk about ‘momentum’ and how it can have an even stronger impact for your Year of Health. Momentum is a force that is created through a sequence of events, so if you change your habits (see our post for tips on creating healthy habits) you are starting to create a new routine that then builds momentum for success.

Here are three more ways to ensure you build and maintain momentum throughout your health and fitness journey and why it is important to keep moving: 


1. Tracking 

Being able to reflect on where you started and see your progress is a powerful way to keep momentum. Some people like to track specific measures of their health and others may prefer to log down feelings. Tracking can be completed in a journal or through one of the many fitness apps available. 

Whichever way you choose to track your health journey, it’s important to regularly check back in with where you started and be conscious of how far you’ve come. Particularly if you’ve not quite reached the next goal you set out to achieve. Always be kind to yourself as you are making a long-term commitment to your health, which is awesome.

PARC’s My Movement Challenge is an awesome way to kick start your tracking by recording your visits to PARC over a month. From 16 May to 16 June visit PARC 12 times or more and win an instant prize plus go into the draw to win one of two 6 month memberships! Find out more here.   


2. Keep it fresh 

Boredom with your exercise routine can be a momentum killer. It can be challenging to thrive when you are always doing the same thing. If you find yourself wavering, think about how to add a spark to your exercise routine and food consumption.  

If you don’t enjoy the activity you’re doing, try something new! At PARC we have over 200 group exercise classes available each week so there is sure to be something different you can try. PARC members regularly attend a PARC check-in appointment with our qualified and friendly health & fitness crew who review your current workout and suggest changes to mix things up.   

Or you could try a new group exercise class as part of the My Movement Challenge this month! We have hundreds of classes available to all levels of activity, so why not challenge yourself to try something new? 


3. Community 

Having like-minded people around you really helps you stay on track as you can keep each other motivated and accountable. At PARC we put a lot of focus on connection and supporting each other as we know it helps with momentum and success.  

Who will you ask to support you to achieve your Year of Health goals? We are stronger together!  

Our PARC members are making a pledge towards their Year of Health by writing down their goals on a card that is then displayed on our gym floor. What will your Year of Health pledge be? This is a great way to visualise your commitment and keep the momentum going. 

Take the pledge today and join the My Movement Challenge to Make 2022 Your Year of Health and here at PARC we’ll help you get there! 

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