Let’s MOVE for a Better World Success Stories

With the Let’s MOVE for a Better World campaign wrapping up for another year, we sat down with 4 members – Lauren, Mario, Nikki and Mark – and our very own trainer Chris, who had the most success, and asked them about their experience.

What made you join the Let’s Move for a Better World Campaign?

LAUREN: I wanted to challenge myself as I had become very complacent with my current routine. Also it’s fun being part of a “community” event with a really great end goal for charity.

MARIO: The importance of health and fitness is something we can never promote enough. So if we can achieve mass awareness while having fun at the same time, then we’ve done something good.

I joined for the challenge of beating last years results, and it’s also given me more motivation. It’s also a little bit of fun being involved in a competition against everyone else!

MARK: I liked the idea of setting myself a challenge and initially it was to improve on my results from last year. As I’ve progressed, it’s become to get the maximum amount of MOVEs possible.

TRAINER CHRIS: I have been an organiser of the Let’s Move Campaign for the last 4 years and this is the first year I have committed and aimed to get the max amount of MOVES of 2000 every day. I believe if we are expecting our member participants to donate we as PARC staff need to walk the talk to do the same!

Tell us about some challenges that you have come across while being involved in the campaign?

LAUREN: Unfortunately the AQUA and DWR classes I usually do don’t count towards the MOVEs. At the start I was feeling very overwhelmed trying to stick to those classes AND get my MOVEs. When I changed it up and just focused on the MOVEs, I found myself a lot less fatigued.

MARIO: Trying to keep up with everyone and finding the time to achieve maximum amount of MOVEs each day.

NIKKI: Finding the time to get the MOVEs in whilst juggling every day life is the biggest challenge. Being able to count our MOVEs outside has been great this year – it’s helped me when I’ve been just that few hundred short

MARK: The biggest challenge for me was having a 12 hour day at work where I couldn’t get to the gym. I had to walk laps of the building during my breaks and then run and ride my bike after work. There were other days where I had family commitments, so I walked laps of the block prior to school pick up.

TRAINER CHRIS: As I am a runner the outdoor tracking has massively helped me with my MOVE count and with doing the challenge it has increased my total kilometres a week that I probably wouldn’t normally do. So it is challenging to remember to listen to the body and take other alternatives that are less taxing on the body so I mixed alternating days with group cycle to give the feet some recovery.

What are some wins that you will take away from doing the Campaign?

LAUREN: I have a brain condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia and my support group are very important to me. I wanted to be up there on the leader board to inspire them and make them proud. This time last year I couldn’t do 10 minutes on the cross trainer let alone 2 hours!

MARIO: There are so many positives about this campaign, but knowing that I have achieved awareness while improving my own well being is definitely a big WIN for me.

NIKKI: Some wins I think I’ll take away from the campaign would be having a go at some of the Technogym equipment I’ve never used before. I also feel a lot stronger within myself. Doing the campaign also enticed my daughter to come to the gym, which has pushed me to get my MOVEs up!

MARK: There’s always a way to find time to do something.

TRAINER CHRIS: Last year I had a few injuries and illnesses that stopped and altered my running routine which meant my expenditure decreased a lot the resulted in some unnecessary weight gain which was really bugging me. I haven’t got on the scales but I know I have lost weight which is a bonus. My running has improved and probably taken 40 secs of my 1 km pace and my dog Alfie is getting walked a lot so big win for him!

What happens after the campaign finishes, have you got another challenge in mind? If so, tell us more!

LAUREN: I try to create challenges for myself all the time 🙂 I think I will go back to seeing how many classes I can do in a week. Current record is 17!<

MARIO: The fun definitely doesn’t stop here. There are always health and fitness activities to take part in, so I try to participate in as many as I can. On a side note, I would just like to thank all the PARC staff members for providing great service and always looking out for everyone. You all deserve a big pat on the back – great job!

NIKKI: I’d like to get into weight training more, or maybe even do a marathon this year!

MARK: Continue on my program, build on my health and fitness and motivate my children to do the same.

TRAINER CHRIS: My running will continue with a few running events booked leading up to my 12th half marathon at the end of the year. What I have definitely realised is that it doesn’t take much to MOVE more, your incidental exercise should never be compromised and finding ways to be less seated and MOVE more will be my priority.

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