Member Spotlight – Bridget Maguire: Finding Balance and Strength at PARC

Hey PARC enthusiasts! Today, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our incredible members, Bridget Maguire. At 30 years young, Bridget has been gracing our facility since 2021, bringing her vibrant energy and determination to every workout session.

Let’s dive into a fun Q&A to discover how PARC helps Bridget maintain her overall health and wellbeing while juggling a busy life as an Occupational Therapist for children and finding time to invest in her friendships, family, and fun.

Q: Bridget, tell us a bit about yourself and why you joined PARC.

A: Well, I’m a local gal from a bustling family of four daughters. I’ve always loved being active, but post COVID I really wanted to boost my fitness and feel stronger. I’d love to get a 6 pack haha! PARC was the perfect fit with its variety of classes and activities, plus being local and indoor facility made it super convenient.

Q: What keeps you coming back to PARC?

A: Oh, the variety for sure! From boxing to swimming, PARC offers something for everyone. Plus, I really appreciate the effort some of the instructors go to, and I’ve made some amazing friends here. It’s like a second home!

Q: We heard about your half marathon achievement! How did PARC support you in reaching that goal?

A: Absolutely. PARC was my go-to for cross-training, helping me build the base fitness I needed. The instructors provided invaluable advice, and the community support kept me motivated until the finish line.

Q: What’s next on your fitness journey?

A: I really want to tone up, strengthening my core, and maintaining my running skills. Oh, and I’m climbing Mount Kilimanjaro later this year! It’s the highest free standing peak in the world, and the tallest peak in Africa. PARC is helping me prep for the altitude by staying strong physically and mentally, and I need a really solid base fitness so I can enjoy the adventure.


Q: Lastly, what does PARC mean to you? This year we’re inviting our community to express their aspirations through a few simple sentences with our “My People. My Purpose. My place at PARC campaign”.

The people who motivate me at PARC are… Randel, the boxing instructor, he’s amazing. Plus my boxing partner is Matt. We’ve been boxing together since 2022, and he and the rest of the boxing crew help to keep me accountable. It’s really motivating – the entire class are just so welcoming and wonderful. What I really like is the gym instructors who know my name and we start to know each other. Jesslyn, for example, she’s such a good instructor and she always makes me feel like I’m an important part of Team PARC.

My purpose at PARC is to… get ready for the climb in November. But really, what motivates me to come to PARC is to just enjoy being healthy. Be happy exercising. Protect my body from injuries. Maintain energy levels so that I can be the best version of myself at work, and at home as the world’s best aunty haha!

PARC is my … constant … place. PARC is my sanctuary, my place to disconnect from the challenging aspects of life and recharge. It’s part of my routine, my identity even. The instructors make it personal and enjoyable, catering to diverse needs. It guess it is where my people, purpose, and place come together.

Bridget’s journey exemplifies the spirit of PARC – a community dedicated to helping each other achieve their health and wellbeing goals in a supportive and inclusive environment. So, whether you’re chasing personal records or simply looking to unwind, PARC is here for you every step of the way!

Until next time, keep splashing, sweating, and smiling at PARC! Not yet a member, visit our website to learn more.

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