Synchronised Swimming Workshop

In 2019 PARC Swim have updated their Learn To Swim and Schools Program to align with the Victorian Curriculum.

Within our School Swimming Program there are specific competencies related to the Victorian Curriculum that mention Synchronised Swimming within the Health and P.E strand. For this reason we have included a basic introduction to the movements involved in synchronised swimming in our program. The skills involved in synchronised swimming are also relate to water safety as they involve a lot of treading water and sculling – both important techniques for survival.

On 25th March the PARC Swim staff were fortunate to participate in an overview of The Basics of Synchronised Swimming presented by Prateeti from the Eastern Sirens Synchronised Swimming Club. There were 20 staff in attendance and their minds and bodies were challenged for an hour in the water. The main topics covered were:

  • How to teach treading water (specifically egg beater kick)
  • Back floats
  • Sculling arms
  • How to scull on back forwards, backwards and around
  • How to perform the following movements
    • Tub
    • Flamingo
    • Water wheel
    • Ballet leg
    • Double ballet leg
    • Tub and back somersault
    • Group floats

The energy among the staff was electric as they challenged their bodies to move in new ways. There was an overwhelming positive feeling among staff and they bonded over trying to master group floats where they had to rely on one another and work together to achieve a shared goal.

After the session there was excellent feedback among the staffing group and a common feeling of new found appreciation for the skills involved in synchronised swimming. The staff all thanked PARC Swim Schools Leader for organising the experience and also said it would further help them to break down the skills of treading water and sculling for the students in our Learn To Swim Program.

At PARC we are continually looking for ways to further develop learning and development within employees, utilising opportunities for them to gain practical experience and knowledge, leading to enhanced skills and teaching abilities.

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