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My next upcoming run is 56km- The Two Bays Trail Run (of death)

I found it tough to get all the training in over November/ December last year, as like most people I was busy with work, summer days of socialising and Christmas shopping. I think most people get swamped at that time of year and it is easy to forget about fitness all together. Having this race coming up this month is a good way to keep reminding myself of my goals.

Over the past month I have done the following:
2X 30km
2X 25km
2X 20-15km
Now is taper time where I will focus on recovery and light training.

I love to drive down to a beach on a Sunday, set off with food and water on my back in search for inclines and trails to include in my training. Including similar terrain to the races will make it easier for my body to cope come race day and adds for a bit of excitement when you have to crawl over or under logs and bridges- Once I had to slide down on my bum to get to the bottom a of hill,then climbing back up again on the way back was quite challenging.

I will usually run in one direction for ½ of the way and jog the same way backto my car, once I’ve made it back to my car ill have a quick bite of protein,grab my beach towel and head off into the water to cool down the muscles in mylegs. This works well for my recovery and keeps me fresh so that I can do itall again the following day.

Thanks for staying tuned in,

Gemma – Just keep running

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