Meet Bridgette Richardson

Meet Bridgette Richardson from PARC Fit Black

What do you want to achieve? I want to look the best I ever have in my life – like most brides do! Building my strength and overall fitness is a bonus too

Why? On the day of the wedding I want to feel amazing and confident. And then in 10-20 years when I look back on the photos, I want to be proud of who I was in that moment.

What are the challenges that you might face over the next few weeks? Adding extra strength training sessions on top of the 3 PARCFIT sessions will test my energy. And then there’s food.. I eat well, but I’m a sucker for chocolate and pizza.

Plans for after the wedding? Will you continue on with PARCFIT? I’ll have a week off to rest and enjoy my time with my new husband. Then it’s straight back in to normal life (our honeymoon is later in the year). I haven’t done a winter PARCFIT yet, so I’m not sure about the cold mornings! I’ll give it a try though for sure. It’s become a really good routine and the people make it even better.

What’s your long term goal? I think it always changes, but one thing for sure is I want to be stronger and faster.

Trainer Maddy suggests- Bridgette has been a PARCFIT participant since late last year, and recently approached me for one on one sessions. She was getting back pain which was hindering both work and training. The first thing I noticed on Bridgette when she stood up ‘straight’ was the way her pelvis tilted. I poked and prodded and got her to slightly alter the way she was standing, and together we’ve worked on both her core and glute muscles to achieve better posture! Resulting in little to no back pain while working on her feet all day. You can see this in her before picture and has made a remarkable difference to her day to day life.

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