How to change your mindset for being active in 2023 and set yourself up for success!

Consider your Future You and what it is you want to achieve in three, six or 12 months time. 

We know for most of our members it is more about what you want to feel rather than what you look like. At PARC we want the future you to be active, find connection and feel happy…. with your progress, with your recovery, with your results and just in yourself generally.  

So, this year it’s time to set your health goals around what is going to make you feel good and set yourself up to become your best self! 

Here’s our tips on changing your mindset for 2023 and focusing more on lifestyle changes to enhance your mood and become the best version you.  

Activity: The best goals are sustainable, so think about the Future You and what you want to be able to do and work backwards from there. From running your first 10km event to being able to run around after your kids more easily there are changes you can make to your everyday life that will work towards that: 

  1. Moving more: We always advise our members to aim to put more movement into the day wherever possible, as every little helps. Simple things like walking to your destination instead of driving if you can, taking the stairs, parking further away etc.   
  2. Incremental changes:  It’s always best to start small and build upon your activity to ensure longevity and continued motivation, whilst also avoiding injury. Our trainers work with clients to build strength gradually, which makes it easier to maintain but also more fun as you hit milestones along the way.  
  3. Supplement workouts: We can all be guilty of finding ourselves too busy to go to the gym or a class as many times a week as we want to. But don’t forget we also have hundreds of digital workouts available on PARC Your Way, so even if you find yourself not able to get out of the house, throw on a quick online workout and feel good that you made the effort! 


Connection: ‘Those who exercise together get results quicker’ We see at PARC the success of so many members when they are part of a group. Whether that is our group exercise classes bonding or small group training members working out together. Feeling connected is such a big motivator to reaching your health goals. 

  1. Invite your tribe: Bringing a family member or friend along with you to a class, for a swim, or a gym session can make it more fun but also challenging. We love to push ourselves further when we train alongside someone else, and it’s always a good excuse to hang around for a drink or snack after your exercise in the PARC Café! 
  2. Connect outside: Now we are finally getting good weather it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine for a good walk or even run. Making plans to integrate a social catch up during this time will make it all the more motivating for you. 
  3. Involve your kids: Doing activity and exercise with your kids is such a lovely bonding opportunity and easy at any age. For babies, a good walk outside pushing the pram for extra strength building, for toddlers running around a playground and for primary school age do a PARC Your Way kids workout together or a swim in one of our pools. Plus, for tweens and teenagers we have Youth Memberships which means you can enjoy a PARC session together! A perfect opportunity to ditch those screens for a while and find some time for family connection.  


Happiness: The most important aspect of the Future You is that you feel good and proud of what you’ve accomplished. Our mood can impact our motivation extensively and so by introducing sustainable lifestyle changes into our lives we can keep those endorphins pumping and aim to retain momentum on our health journey all year long.  

  1. Rest and relaxation: Building a holistic healthy mindset means ensuring you take enough breaks and rest your body between intensive activity. Our motivation is usually at peak at the start of the year and to maintain this you need to incorporate rest days. Meditation is a popular way to rest your mind as well as your body, and also improving your mood.  
  2. Do what you love: At PARC, we always recommend finding the workout or activity that sparks joy in you because the more fun you have the more likely you are to keep doing it. So ditch the boring workout that feels like a chore, book into a PARC appointment and refresh your training sessions with exercise you like, or mix it up with different activities like swimming or try new group ex classes.  
  3. Rewards: There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve worked hard to achieve it so make sure you reward yourself for the milestones you complete. Incentives that we can look forward to, not only provide added motivation but also elevate our mood.  

Think more about the Future You and if you want some more accountability at PARC we’re supporting our members by asking them to write a letter to your Future Self that we will then post to you in the future!



Write a letter to Future You

Write a letter to your future self, and PARC will post it to you in the future – to see how you are tracking against your health goals.By writing this letter and visualising your Future You throughout the year, it will keep you motivated and accountable! Plus, when the letter arrives in the mail, you can see how you tracked against your health goals.

Click here to write your letter via our website!


Let’s kick-start 2023 with a focus on your health and wellbeing. We’re here to help! Enquire now to join PARC. 

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