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Jeannie’s Journey – Blog 3

I am just short of half way.  I want to tell you there is a spring in my step and fire in my belly. But if truth be told, today I am tired (dead tired). It is the first day back to work and school after the week of rest over school holidays (does any mother ever truly rest when the kids are on school holidays).

Perhaps all of the early morning sessions have contributed to this or perhaps because I have been attending the gym every day since starting. All these early morning and late nights seem to be catching up with me. The upside for this tiredness is less of a desire to drink or smoke.  So I am going to bed early and waking up early, which is still totally foreign to me.

I went for a walk one morning recently and saw a couple of girls heading home from The Deck. Their shoes in hand, giggling and laughing and just heading home after a fun night out. That was me, only months ago but here I am 5am in my active wear marching to my own beat. It is a completely new beat but one I am really enjoying.

I am still really enjoying everything about PARC. Three weeks in and I am struggling less with the lockers and wrist band combination. I’ve mastered my wristband to get me through the doors and I have even managed to go hands free on the treadmill. I watched other members master this skill so effortlessly but I was still afraid to let go, fearing I would go flying off the back of the treadmill. I like checking my heart rate and you need to hold on to the treadmill to measure it. I’ve not mastered the drinking water while walking, I seem to choke every time I try. But I still watch others with envy, who knows if I can truly master these seemingly simple tasks by the end of the six weeks. But I am working towards it with ever faith in me.

I took the chance to participate in a hot water yoga pilates class which was fun and interesting. I met up with one participant who told me how the class had changed her life. She explained she had once been bed ridden due to back issues and that this class assisted her mobility and mindset so much that she looked forward to attending the class twice a week – which in some cases were her only outings. The instructor – Christine – was the super fit and super upbeat. She had just passed her certificate in Yang Thai Chi and was on a high so she was happily incorporating some of the Yang Thai Chi into her class.  Like all yoga and pilates you need a sense of balance and rhythm which I am still lacking, but I felt more comfortable in this water class than on the land. My lack of grace was hidden below the surface and aided with a noodle plus my in built floatation devices, my balance and poses felt better.

I still struggle with the mind and body concept. How does one clear the mind when they are concentrating on staying upright and keeping their head above water? There was a mixture of participants, many of whom were seniors. This class is suitable for those recovering from injury but the fit and healthy were also challenged. The beauty of most classes I have attended at PARC is that everyone works at their own pace, yet are challenged to be their best and pushed to test their boundaries.

I would recommend this class to anyone who likes Yoga and Pilates with a little Yang Thai Chi. Or to anyone who just likes the feel of warm water with a little reflection, balance and stretching. My one tip is to focus on something in the distance rather than the instructor as it seems to work better with the balancing of things and clearing the mind.

I am getting used to the PT workouts, struggling less on the equipment and actually remembering all the steps in my work out. I start off with 5 warm up exercises and finish off with what is call dead bugs, opposite arms and legs going up and down resembling a dead bug. I feel quite like a dead bug at that end of the session and wonder if Maddie the PT knew that I would be feeling like that and with her sense of humour added them in purely for the simile.

Please send me some motivation, ask me to join you in a class, help get me over this fatigue period, or at least tell me this tiredness will pass and my zing will come back.  I’ve still not done a boxing class, I’ll maybe get onto that soon. But guess who heads back to RPM cycle tomorrow!! Fatigue and all I am pushing forward. Yep putting it out there I am less afraid and looking forward to seeing Mary… now if I can just remember the correct seat height and how to climb aboard.

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