Meet Tom, one of PARC’s personal trainers

Tom lives a very active outdoor lifestyle, from mountain biking, water sports, SUP, martial arts to being passionate surfer and surf instructor.

For over 5 years Tom has successfully trained clients for goals of weight loss, muscle gain, rehabilitation, specific fitness goals or for holistic health and wellness.

If you know your goals, Tom will have the knowledge and experience for you to take the most effective and efficient path to get you there.

One of the things I’ve discovered most, in my 5 years as a PT, is that people work really hard when it comes to  gym and classes, but often don’t understand and or severely underestimate the importance of nutrition in meeting their body composition goals, whether it be fat loss or muscle gain. Without this critical knowledge people often plateau, burn out and get defeated not achieving these goals, despite great physical effort.

Here are a few quick tips in terms of how you should eat:

  • Start with a foundation of low starch, high fibre vegetables with different colours
  • Add in quality proteins from wild or properly raised conditions
  • Utilise high quality fats as a primary energy source and as a way to enhance nutrient absorption from other foods in the form of good oils
  • Avoid any high starch or high sugar foods when not eating to fuel exercise

You then calculate your caloric needs based on your lifestyle, exercise habits and body composition goals. If you don’t understand what your caloric intake should be or what your macro breakdown is, you will find it very difficult to meet your body composition goals. Myfitnesspal is a great app to start tracking your food/energy intake and integrated with Mywellness, so even better. I can calculate and help you understand them and appropriate nutrition, as part of my PT training package.

As always to be as efficient and effective with your exercise and training as possible, come and see me or one of the great PT’s at PARC to get structure, correct exercise selection, techinque analysis and periodised programming.

You’ll then have the knowledge, support and confidence to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Wishing you the best health,

Tom Saunders
PARC Personal Trainer

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