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2022 was your Year of Health, what does the future hold for you in 2023?

In January this year, we invited you, as part of our amazing PARC community, to prioritise your wellbeing and make 2022 Your Year of Health. It has been so incredible to see how you have responded with hundreds of you making a commitment via our Pledge Wall or Pledge form on our website – promising to make long-term lifestyle changes that help you feel stronger, healthier and HAPPIER!

As we head into Christmas it can be easy to let the chaos of the festivities take over and your ‘you time’ at PARC can fall away. We encourage you to keep up your healthy habits over the festive season and stick to your Year of Health goals. Remember, we are here to support you on your journey and there’s no time like now to try a new class or give PT a go… just chat to us.

Here are a few tips to help you prioritise your health over the Christmas period:

  1. Have a decent sleep – even though its coming into holidays, try to stick to your usual bedtime.
  2. Seek out incidental exercise – yes, carrying heavy presents is a form of weight lifting, and jogging to grab that last minute present provides some great last minute cardio!
  3. Drink water regularly and add colour to your plate – and when we say colour we mean the delicious seasonal fruit and veg!
  4. Book in some down time – whether that is here at PARC in the spa, or over a board game at home – try not to over schedule yourself.
  5. Have fun – it’s crazy busy, but Christmas is meant to be fun – we are all about building happiness so remember that is what it’s all about!

Plus, for those of you who are committed to come to PARC the week before Christmas, we will be holding some special foodie Pop Ups. The stalls include Monday morning pancakes, Tuesday afternoon classic sausage sizzle and Wednesday evening jacket potatoes! Free for our fabulous community to say thank you for choosing us to support you in being active!

And into the future…

We also want you to start thinking about the future. What does 2023 hold for you? Where does your health sit in your schedule, and more importantly, your priority list? In 2023 we will be asking you what your Future You looks like, and how we can help you achieve your Future You… the better or even best version of yourself!

So, get thinking – how do you want to feel at the end of next year? What does your best healthy you do, feel, see… Whatever your Future You, whatever you want to achieve in your health goals in 2023, PARC can help you get there.

We are all about improving lives through activity and connection, and we want to help you on your journey towards your best self.

Look out for more on this from 1 January, and until then, try and enjoy the crazy lead up to Chrissie! See you in Centre.

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