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Throughout 2022 we asked our members about their motivations in being active. The overwhelming response, regardless of age, fitness level or ability, was that you want to be your best self. You want to be the best version of yourself, for you, and for your loved ones. A big part of that was continually building a healthy body and mind. Which begs the question, “What does your best self feel like? Who is your Future You?”

This year, we invite you to create your Future You at PARC. Think about yourself in 3 or 6 months time… what do you see and feel? Do you see a stronger, healthier you? Do you feel more peaceful and content? Are you on your road to recovery from injury, or are you someone who has changed their routine to include time to focus on you? Do you see healthier habits? Are you someone who is more rested, more calm, more empowered?

Whatever your Future You, whatever you want to achieve in your health goals in 2023, PARC can help you get there. We are all about improving lives through activity and connection, and we want to help you on your journey towards your best self.


Write a letter to Future You

Do you remember those time capsules we did in primary school? Now’s the time to channel your imagination and tell yourself what you want to achieve in your health journey in 2023. Write a letter to your future self, and PARC will post it to you in the future – to see how you are tracking against your health goals.

By writing this letter and visualising your Future You throughout the year, it will keep you motivated and accountable! Plus, when the letter arrives in the mail, you can see how you tracked against your health goals.

Can Swim: Infants - Pre Program Questions

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Participant (Infant) Name(Required)
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Have you ever taken your baby swimming before?(Required)
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Blogs and info to help you on your Future You journey

We know how important it is to prioritise your health ongoing, not just for those first few months after Christmas. So, keep an eye on our PARC Blog where we will be sharing tips, tricks, recipes and more with you to maintain your momentum. Each blog will focus on a Future You theme such as a contented you, a rested you, a stronger you, a fitter you, or a more confident YOU!

Let’s kick-start 2023 with a focus on your health and wellbeing. We’re here to help! Enquire now to join PARC. 

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