Maintain your Year of Health commitment throughout winter

We all know how much extra effort it can take to exercise when the weather cools down, research tells us that the majority of people do less activity during winter. And this isn’t just high intensity gym workouts, our incidental exercise opportunities also reduce, i.e. we walk less.  

But did you know we can really benefit from maintaining our exercise schedules during the cooler months? We burn more energy doing the same activity in the cold as it takes more effort to get our blood pumping around our bodies.  

Plus, keeping active throughout the year can help elevate your mood and support your complete wellness, including mental health. Making winter exercise even more advantageous! 

 At PARC, we want to support our community to keep on track for the Year of Health commitment and ensure routines and momentum are maintained this season. Here are some tips from us on how to make the most of winter wellness: 


1. Keep rugged up and a good mix of exercise locations  

The best routines include a mix of exercise, from high intensity through to incidental opportunities. Even though it’s cold, we still recommend doing some outdoor activity as fresh air is so good for you. Our PARC Fit Outdoor classes still run during rain, hail or shine and are so much fun for everyone involved. Click here to find out more.

Inside our PARC facility all rooms are temperature controlled meaning you can mix up your exercise and get a comfortable workout in the gym, group exercise rooms or the pool. We recommend staying in the facility during your cool down and make sure you rug up before stepping back outside – keep those winter chills at bay! 


2. If you’re feeling under the weather take some mindfulness time  

This year we are all feeling the impact of winter with so many cold and flu viruses around. If you are struck down consider doing some meditation or simple yoga stretches to keep your mind and body engaged.  

It’s important whilst you are ill to stay at home to get well and so that’s when PARC Your Way (our at home workout digital platform) can be useful to do some simple activity at home when you are feeling better but still don’t want to venture out.  It also has a range of fantastic meditation and stretching videos included!


3. Maintain good hydration 

During winter it is easy to swap water for a warm cuppa, however it is so important to keep up your hydration intake during the cold months. Water helps our muscles to regenerate during exercise and reduces risk of injury by helping to carry oxygen to your blood cells. It’s also beneficial for our immune systems by reducing the build-up of toxins which can have a negative impact on your health.  


4. Bulk up on nutrients with winter recipes 

Winter recipes can be jam packed with nutrients and by bulking up on hearty vegetable soups and casseroles you can really boost your immune system. It’s a tasty way to reduce the risks of catching viruses during the season. Have a look at the recipes on our blog for some inspiration for winter cooking.  


So, keep going on your Year of Health commitment and we’re here to help every step along the way. Join the Year of Health movement today!


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